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Service was great. easy to deal with and courteous. easy to talk to. dropping off was the same way. the car only had 1/4 tank when we picked it up so had to get gas right away but otherwise a great, easy experience!”

It was great to be able to return the car even late at night at the 24/7 parking garage!

Service was great!

Renter Review


Company Car Rental has been very reliable always use them when I come to Toronto

Very Reliable Company



I took a small SUV and enjoyed a spacious ride...We took the car for 3 days and got a great deal. The staff was polite and helpful...I'll definitely use it again on my next trip.

Great Deal, Polite & Helpful Staff


June 2014

Great quality and most of all best prices! I would definitely recommend all my friends and family.

Unbelievable Service!


May, 2014

We had a lovely experience renting a 7 seat minivan for a family trip.We got good value for our money...When we had to change our reservation from a mid size car to a minivan, there was no problem at all! I would definitely come back to this agency.

I Would Definitely Come Back!


January, 2014

...I was greeted with excellent customer service and options for car rentals...The company saved me from missing my cousins wedding and can help you in a pinch. I would recommend to anyone who needs a great rental at affordable rates. Give them a call.

Excellent Customer Service



I had a great experience with the company. I was in town for a week and used them. The service was excellent and the rates were reasonable by Toronto standards. I thought the whole experience was great. Thanks!

The Whole Experience Was Great



For a first rate car rental company I would SERIOUSLY point you towards Company Car Rental...They bent over backwards to help me out and I am so grateful. The customer service and rate I got from Prestige were outstanding. I would recommend them no problem. A .

Outstanding Rate & Customer's Service



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