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Our Benefits


Competitive Rental Rates

thanks to Prestige’s affordable rates, renting a Mercedes or a Land Rover in Manhattan is no longer beyond your means.


Quality Cars

our customer service makes sure all our cars are in excellent condition and ready to hit the road!


Excellent Service

our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always on hand for any question or request.


Convertible Rentals

smart and stylish car rentals with folding tops allowing you and your passengers to feel the fresh air while driving!


Economy Cars

green, efficient and affordable cars for your everyday needs. Cheaper than owning a car in NYC and far better for the environment!


Large SUV Rentals

a full size 8-passenger SUV, the large SUV is the best rental for a family camping trip or a road trip with friends, also featuring extra space for luggage and comfortable seating.

Rent a Car

Do you want to rent a car in Toronto? Reserve your preferred car by booking online today or call us or visit our car rental offices in Toronto for additional details.

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